Roles and duties of a good electrician

An electrician is one of the tradesmen who specialize in electrical wirings that are done on commercial and residential buildings. They can also be done on some equipments and stationary machineries. Normally, the help of a good electrician Singapore is sought when installing new electrical components in a building or maintaining and repairing the electrical infrastructure that already exists. Some experienced electrician Singapore even specialize in wiring huge ships and airplanes and some other platforms that are mobile in nature. The whole process may also include cables and data.

Types of electricians

With reference to the work done by an electrician they can be divided into different categories.  A lineman is a person who works with the distribution system of the utility companies and work with higher voltages. Wiremen are those who work with voltages at lower levels. These components are used inside buildings most of the time. Some of the specialties that the wiremen are trained are residential, industrial, commercial, light industrial and low voltage wiring. These specialties, as the name indicates depends on the place where the service is carried out. Residential services belong to homes that are owned by individuals where as a commercial service is given to a place where there are a number of stores or offices in a single building. Large industries comprise the industrial service of the electricians. Sometimes, fire alarm and even control wiring can be performed by famous electrician in Singapore. There are three levels in training a person to be a master electrician. The first level is the apprenticeship where the person is given the opportunity to learn from an experienced electrician by working under them. The second level is working as a journeyman meaning that the person is certified to be competent in the trade of electricians by the licensing body that belongs to the state or the country. Master electricians are those who have worked in the industry for a long period of time and are known for their quality of work that is delivered. It is also necessary to pass an exam in order to show their superior knowledge in order to become a master electrician. A number of electricians respond to requests that are isolated for repairs and upgrades alone. An innate skill of troubleshooting wiring defects is necessary to carry out this job. Some other electricians that operate around us are hospital, research and marine electricians.

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